Saccharine Trust

Saccharine Trust

interview by Ossydiana Speri


Pagaincons (SST, Ep, 1981) 

Surviving You, Always (SST, 1984) 
 Worldbroken (SST, live, 1985) 
 The Sacramental Element (SST, compilation, 1986) 

We Became Snakes (SST, 1986) 
 Past Lives (SST, live, 1989) 
 The Great One Is Dead (Hazlewood, 2001) 
 Minutemen / Saccharine Trust (Water Under The Bridge, Ep complilation, 2011) 


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 "I Am Right" (1981) 
 "A Human Certainty" (1981) 
 "The Giver Takes" (1984) 
"Our Discovery" (1984) 
 "Peace Frog" (1984) 
 "Longing For Ether" (1986) 
 "Neruda's Wave" (2001)