Nuovo album per i Nada Surf [LISTEN]

Sembra strano, ma i Nada Surf sono già all'ottavo album: la band di Matthew Caws ha ufficializzato poco fa l'uscita di "You Know Who You Are", per il 4 marzo 2016, con City Slang.

Queste le parole di Matthew sul disco:

I was so eager to have an album done that I believed in it as it was, but the great thing about being 'finished' is that you can take a breath and evaluate, because the pressure to 'do it' is gone. The more I listened and thought about it, the more I realized that I might want to keep working. There were already a bunch of songs in the can that we all liked, so I could think more expansively about what the album could be. 

Sometimes it feels like, to our audience at least, we are two or three different bands at once. It seems some people are looking to feel better, for encouragement getting over their obstacles, for help figuring life out… not that I've done that myself, other people are looking for love songs, and then some others just want to rock.

La band ha reso pubblico il primo singolo, "Believe You're Mine".

La tracklist sarà invece composta da dieci brani:

1. Cold To See Clear
2. Believe You’re Mine
3. Friend Hospital
4. New Bird
5. Out Of The Dark
6. Rushing
7. Animal
8. You Know Who You Are
9. Gold Sounds
10. Victory’s Yours