Nuovo album per gli M83 [LISTEN]

L'8 aprile uscirà, per Mute, il nuovo album degli M83, intitolato "Junk" (e con una coerente copertina). Il disco contiene collaborazioni con Susanne Sundfor e Beck ed è anticipato dal singolo "Do It, Try It".

Questa la dichiarazione di Gonzalez riguardo al titolo del disco: 

Anything we create today is going to end up being space junk at one point anyway, and I find it really fascinating and scary at the same time – beautiful too in a way. I have this image of pieces of humanity floating in space, lost forever. It also means that nowadays everything goes so fast and everybody is kind of throwing away art in a certain manner. People will listen to an album for instance and just pick a track they like to put on a playlist. They’re not going to take the time to listen to an album anymore because they have to jump on the next thing.

La tracklist del disco sarà:

01. Do It, Try It

02. Go!
03. Walkway Blues
04. Bibi the Dog
05. Moon Crystal
06. For the Kids
07. Solitude
08. The Wizard
09. Laser Gun
10. Road Blaster
11. Tension
12. Atlantique Sud
13. Time Wind
14. Ludivine
15. Sunday Night 1987