Si sono sciolti i Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Lo scorso 4 novembre è stato pubblicato in rete l'annuncio dello scioglimento dei Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Il fondatore della band, Kip Berman, ha dichiarato che la band "ha significato un momento distintivo" nella sua vita. "Ho avviato il gruppo poco dopo essermi trasferito a New York e abbiamo registrato il nostro primo disco appena dopo la nascita di mia figlia […]" ricorda il cantante. "Da quel momento in poi non mi sono sentito più lo stesso e anche la stessa musica che producevo ne risentiva. Ma va bene così", conclude Berman, "è una cosa positiva tanto per il mio cuore quanto per la band stessa".

La band indie pop si era formata nel 2007 e ha pubblicato l'album d'esordio nel 2009. Di seguito la nota completa apparsa sul profilo instagram del gruppo.

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Kip here. My life has changed radically from the time I started Pains with Peggy, Alex and (soon after) Kurt in 2007, and I’ve decided to focus on a new project @the_natvral. Pains was a distinct moment in my life. I started the group when I first moved to New York and completed our last record, “The Echo of Pleasure,” shortly before my daughter was born and I moved to Princeton, NJ. From that time forward, I never really felt the same - and the music I was creating didn’t feel the same either. But this is good, both for my heart and my music. I know some of you equate “PAINS” with a particular lineup of people, but I’ve always felt that whoever I collaborated with has been “the real band,” because what animated the music was so consistent. But now, that strange something that inspired what we were able to create is absent. What has taken its place feels very different, and I have to express it in a different way. I’ve spent this past year making a new record, and hope to share it sometime next year. In the meantime, you can hear a cover I did of one of my heroes, Dear Nora, in the bio. If you are curious as to what other PAINS people are now up to: Kip: @the_natvral Alex: @massagetheband Peggy: @store_front_nyc Kurt: @kurt_feldman The Ice Choir Tenser Timpani Christoph: @ablebody + live w/ @jerrypaper_reality Jacob: @the_natvral @jeanines Dream Diary (?!) Drew: @wearebeverly @publicpractice Anton: @beachfossilsnyc Connor: @dondadi Jen: Showtime Goma @jengoma Jess Weiss: @fearofmen Elspeth: @shopnoctiluca Jess Krichelle Rojas: @JessKrichelle Chris: @archofloveband Brian: @peeldreammagazine @lunaretteny @the_natvral Photo: Pavla Kopecna

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