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King Dude


My Beloved Ghost (Ep, Bathetic, 2010)
Split con Solanaceae (Heiðrunar Myrkrunar, 2010)
The Black Triangle (Ep, Clan Destine, 2010)

Tonight’s Special Death (Disaro, 2010)

Love (Dais, 2011)

You Can Break My Heart (Ep, Dais, 2012)

Burning Daylight (Ván, 2012)

Sing More Songs Together… (con Chelsea Wolfe, Sargent House, 2013)
Fear (Ván, 2014)
Songs Of Flesh & Blood - In The Key Of Light (Not Just Religious Music, 2015)
Sex (Ván, 2016)

Music To Make War To (Ván, 2018)
Full Virgo Moon (Ván, 2020)

I Was Evil (Trisol, 2021)
Death(Ván, 2022)

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