Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Il paradiso perduto del gothic metal


Paradise Lost


Lost Paradise (Peaceville, 1990)
Gothic (Peaceville, 1991)
Shades Of God (Music for Nations, 1992)
Icon (Music for Nations, 1993)
Draconian Times (Music for Nations, 1995)
One Second (Music for Nations, 1997)
Host (Emi, 1999)
Believe In Nothing (Emi, 2001)
Symbol Of Life (GUN Records, 2002)
At The Bbc (live, Strange Fruit, 2003)
Paradise Lost (GUN Records, 2005)
In Requiem (Century Media, 2007)
The Anatomy Of Melancholy (live, Century Media, 2008)
Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us (Century Media, 2009)
Draconian Times (live, MMXI Century Media, 2011)
Tragic Idol (Century Media, 2012)
Tragic Illusion – Live At The Roundhouse (live, Abbey Road, 2013)
The Plague Within (Century Media, 2015)
Symphony For The Lost (live, Century Media, 2015)
Medusa (Nuclear Blast, 2017)
Live At Rockpalast (live, MIG, 1995)
Obsidian (Nuclear Blast, 2020)
Pietra miliare
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