Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell

Camminando nella luce di un miracolo

intervista di
24→24 Music (Sleeping Bag Records, 1981)




 Tower Of Meaning (Chatham Square, 1983) 
 Instrumentals v.2 (Another Side, 1984)


 Let's Go Swimming (Ep, Logarhythm, 1986)


World Of Echo (Upside Records, 1986)


Another Thought (Point Music, 1994) 
 The World Of Arthur Russell (compilation, Soul Jazz Records, 2003)


Calling Out Of Context (Rough Trade, 2004)  
First Thought Best Thought (compilation, Audika, 2006) 
 Springfield (compilation, Audika, 2006) 
Love Is Overtaking Me (Audika, 2008) 
 The Sleeping Bag Sessions (compilation, Traffic Ent. Group, 2009) 
 Corn (compilation, Audika, 2015) 
 Instrumentals (compilation, Audika, 2017) 
Iowa Dream (compilation, Audika, 2019) 
 Singoli su 7'' 
 Dinosaur: Kiss Me Again (1978) 
 Loose Joints: Is It All Over My Face? (1980) 
 Loose Joints: Pop Your Funk (1980) 
 Dinosaur L: Go Bang! (1982) 
 Loose Joints: Tell You (Today) (1983) 
 Felix: Tiger Stripes (1984) 
 Indian Ocean: Treehouse / Schoolbell (1986) 
 Lola: Wax The Van (1987) 
 Lola: I Need More (1988) 
 Lola: Work It (1989) 


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Dinosaur L - Go Bang! (Francois K. mix)
(da 24→24 Music, 1981)

Let's Go Swimming (Coastal Dub)
(da Let's Go Swimming Ep, 1986)

Soon To Be Innocent Fun
(da World Of Echo, 1986)

A Little Lost
(da Another Thought, 1994)


That's Us, Wild Combination
(da Calling Out Of Context, 2004)


Arthur Russell su OndaRock


Iowa Dream

(2019 - Audika)
Imperdibile raccolta di inediti dalla figura più sfuggente della musica contemporanea