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Dirk Serries

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Dirk Serries


The Ultimated Sign Of Burning Death (ltd, Therapie Organisatie, 1985)
The Face That Must Die (ltd, Mechanical Orchestration Music, 1987)
Deathcamber - Trancedeamed (ltd, Mechanical Orchestration, 1988)
Experience Artaud - Soundtrack For Experimental Teathre (ltd, Mechanical Orchestration, 1988)
Near The Flogging Landscape (ltd, Violet Class Oracle Tapes, 1990)
Gathering In Frozen Beauty (Decade Collection, 1989)
Revealed By Composed Nature (Decade Collection, 1990)
Passage In Beauty (Decade Collection, 1991)
Refined On Gentle Clouds (Direction, 1991)
Shadowing In Sorrow (Decade Collection, 1992)
Ending Mirage (ND, 1993)
Echoing Delight (Extreme, 1993)
The Spiritual Bonding (Extreme, 1994)
Still Fragments (ND, 1994)
Memories Compiled (raccolta, Relics, 1994)
Twilight Of Perception (antologia, Relics, 1995)
The River Of Appearance (Projekt, 1996)
The Trilogy (raccolta, Relics, 1996)
Crossing The Trail (Projekt, 1998)
Memories Compiled 2 (raccolta, Projekt: Archive, 1999)
The Contemporary Nocturne (Hypnos, 2000)
The Surreal Sanctuary (Hypnos, 2000)
Subterranean Collective (raccolta, Projekt, 2001)
An Opera For Four Fusion Works - Act One: Echoes Of Steel (Hypnos, 2001)
Tremor (Release, 2001)

Soundtrack For The Aquarium (Hypnos, 2001)
Spore (Release, 2003)
Legacy (Release, 2004)
Anthology 1984-2004 (Projekt, 2004)
An Opera For Four Fusion Works - Act Two: Phrasing The Air (Hypnos, 2004)
An Opera For Four Fusion Works - Act Three: Reflection On Scale (Hypnos, 2005)
An Opera For Four Fusion Works - Act Four: The Bowing Harmony (Hypnos, 2007)
1987-2007 Chasing The Odyssee (ltd, raccolta, Tonefloat, 2011)
vidnaObmana & STEVE ROACH
Well Of Souls (Projekt, 1995)
Cavern Of Sirens (Projekt, 1997)
Ascension Of Shadows/Somewhere Else (ltd, Projekt, 1999/Projekt, 2005)
Circles & Artifacts (ltd, Contemporary Armonic, 2000)
Live Archive (live, Groove Unlimited, 2000/Projekt, 2008)
InnerZone (Projekt, 2002)
Spirit Dome (Projekt, 2004/Projekt, 2008)
The Memory Pool/Revealing The Secret (ltd, steveroach.com, 2008)
Cassette & Split
The Thunder Orchestra/Vidna Obmana (with The Thunder Orchestra, Ladd-Frith, 1986)
Bleading Wounds/Only Fears Will Survive (with Neurotic Youth, Ladd-Firth, 1987)
In The Mouth Of Reptile (with Recycled Body Program, ZNS Tapes, 1988)
Untitled (with Big City Orchestra, Mechanical Orchestration, 1988)
Statue Series (with Recycled Body Program & S.C.U.M., 4xcass, Seiten Sprung Aunhamen, 1989)
Compositions: Depression & Ideal (with PBK, Freedom In A Vaccum/PBK, 1989)
Fragment 3 (with PBK, ND, 1991)
Terrace Of Memories (with Sam Rosenthal as Terrace Of Memories, Projekt, 1992)

Parallel Flaming (with Djen Ajakan Shean, Multimood, 1993)

Variations For Organ, Keyboards & Processors (with Willem Tanke, Multimood, 1999)

Spirits (with Jan Marmenut, Highate, 1999)

True Stories (with Jeff Pearce, Mirage, 1999)

Landscape In Oscurity (with Capriolo Trifoglio & Diego Borotti, Hypnos, 1999)

The Shape Of Solitude (with Serge Devadder, Multimood, 1999)

Echo Passage (with Alio Die, Musica Maxima Magnetica, 2000)

Deep Unknown (with Barabban Lane, Barannanlane.com, 2002)

Tracers (with David Lee Myers, Klanggallerie, 2003)

Live (live, with Joris De Backer as Principle Of Silence, self-released, 2003)

Gluttony (with Klinik, Hands, 2005)
Greed (with Klinik, Hands, 2005)
First By A Whisper, Then By A Storm (Ikon, 2005)
He Spoke In Dead Tongues (Ikon/Projekt, 2005)
The Rainbow Mirrors A Burning Heart (Auf Abwegen, 2006)
I'm One Of Those Monsters Numb With Grace (Equation, 2006)
The Carnival Of Ourselves (Tonefloat, 2006)
The Infinite Sea Of Sustain (DVD, Soleilmoon, 2006)
The Amplifier Drone (ltd, Tonefloat, 2006)
When Mystery Prevades The Well, The Promise Sets Fire (Tonefloat, 2007)
Once We All Walk Through Solid Objects (box set, ltd, Tonefloat, 2007)
Frenzy Of The Absolute (Conspiracy, 2008)
Disorder Of Roots (Tonefloat, 2012)
Untitled (split, with Z'EV, John Duncan & Aidan Baker, Die Stadt, 2005)
We Have Departed The Circle Blisfully (with Nadja, LP, Conspiracy, 2006)
Fear Falls Burning & Nadja (with Nadja, Conspiracy, 2007)
Fear Falls Burning & Birchiville Cat Motel (with Birchiville Cat Motel, Conspiracy, 2007)
The Eightfold Model (with Michael Beckett aka kptmichigan as Eightfold Model, Tonefloat, 2008)
The Tonefloat Sessions (with Theo Travis, Tonefloat, 2009)
Final + Fear Falls Burning (with Final, Conspiracy, 2009)
Microphonics I-V (Tonefloat, 2008)
Microphonics VI (LP, ltd, Tonefloat, 2009)
Microphonics VII (LP, ltd, Tonefloat, 2009)
Microphonics XII (LP, ltd, Tonefloat, 2010)
Microphonics XIV (LP, ltd, Tonefloat, 2010)
Microphonics XIX (LP, ltd, Tonefloat, 2011)
Microphonics XX (LP, ltd, Tonefloat, 2012)
Microphonics XXI-XXV (Tonefloat, 2013)
Stream Of Consciousness 130806 (LP, ltd, Tonefloat, 2013)
Stream Of Consciousness 131006 (LP, ltd, Tonefloat, 2013)
Stream Of Consciousness 131106 (LP, ltd, Tonefloat, 2013)
Stream Of Consciousness 132406 (LP, ltd, Tonefloat, 2013)
Stream Of Consciousness 131810 (LP, ltd, Tonefloat, 2013)
Stream Of Consciousness 132010 (LP, ltd, Tonefloat, 2013)
Stream Of Consciousness 131910 (LP, ltd, Tonefloat, 2013)
The Origin Reversal (Projekt, 2014)
Unseen Descending & Lamentations (Consouling Sounds, 2015)
Disorientation Flow (Projekt, 2015)
(Dirk Serries, Martina Verhoeven, Paul Van Der Berg)

The Flight Of Song (Tonefloat, 2009)
We Are Dust Under The Dying Sun (Tonefloat, 2011)
(Dirk Serries & Tomas Järmyr)

Ashes And Blues (LP, Tonefloat: A New Wave Of Jazz, 2014)
(Tomas Järmyr, Kristoffer Lo & Dirk Serries)
Yodok III (LP, Tonefloat: A New Wave Of Jazz, 2014)
The Sky Flashes, The Great Sea Yearns (LP, Tonefloat: A New Wave Of Jazz, 2015)
Live At Dokkhuset, Trondheim, October 23, 2013 (cass, live, Tonefloat: A New Wave Of Jazz, 2015)
Live At De Singer, Rijkevorsel, June 13, 2014 (cass, live, Tonefloat: A New Wave Of Jazz, 2015)
Anthems (with Robert MacManus as Black Fire, Heathen Skulls, 2009)
Akhet (with Marc Verhaegen & Paul Van Der Berg as Akhet, Tonefloat, 2011)
The Sleep Of Reason (with Jon Atwood, Tonefloat, 2012)
Low Volume Music (with Steve Roach, Projekt, 2012)
In A Place Of Mutual Understanding (with Stratosphere, Projekt, 2013)
Transmission (with Teun Verbuggen as Art Of Cosmic Musings, Tonefloat, 2014)
Cult Exposure (with John Dikeman, LP, Tonefloat: A New Wave Of Jazz, 2015)
Live At Le Vecteur, Charleroi, October 23, 2014 (with John Dikeman & Teun Verbuggen, cass, live, Tonefloat: A New Wave Of Jazz, 2015)
Buoyant (with Rutger Zuydervelt, Consouling Sounds, 2015)
Island On The Moon (Dirk Serries & Trösta, Consouling Sounds, 2022)
Today And All The Tomorrows (Serries, Thompson & Verhoeven, A New Wave Of Jazz, 2022)
Translucence (Rennie, Roberts, Serries, A New Wave Of Jazz, 2022)
Twofold (Onno Govaert & Verhoeven / Serries, A New Wave Of Jazz, 2022)
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